In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform


The In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform (IVTIP), is an informal platform founded in 1993. Currently it comprises 29 companies from different sectors


IVTIP members are supportive of the 3Rs. They pursue opportunities in Reduction (of animal numbers) and Refinement (of existing animal experiments)


IVTIP follows up on the industrial applicability and acceptance of established 3R approaches. IVTIP provides an informal forum for networking with


IVTIP holds two scientific meetings a year. Some of those meetings are open to non-IVTIP members. The topics for the meetings are suggested by the

IVTIP award for industrial applicable non-animal assay development

IVTIP - in liquidatie

IVTIP will cease it's activities at the end of 2020, but the remaining funds will be used to reward young scientists:

The IVTIP Board has decided to annually reward a young scientist for their contribution to the development of an innovative animal-free model or technology demonstrating potential industrial applicability in the field of toxicology, efficacy or DMPK.

The amount of the award is fixed at 2000 euros and the price will be offered annually for the coming 4 years (2021-2024).

Eligible is any young scientist, including IVTIP members, who has published his/her work as a peer-reviewed scientific publication. The first price will include all applications from publications between 2019 and 2020.

The application should be summarized in a 1-2 page document, clearly presenting the following topics:

the goal of the test method
the principle of the assay/technology
the potential industrial use as non-animal method in either toxicity, efficacy or DMPK testing
the scientific reference and pdf version of the publication as attachment.

We encourage the applicants to be concrete and concise in their answers, and presenting their data, model or technology using tables and figures is beneficial.

Eligible candidates should send their application to the IVTIP board through the IVTIP contact details or via e-mail at 

Deadline for the first application: 28th February 2021.




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