IVTIP aims at replacing animal experiments

IVTIP members represent test developers, CROs(1), SMEs(2) and large companies (sectors: chemicals, cosmetics, consumer products and pharmaceuticals). (1): contract research organizations; (2): small and medium sized enterprises.
Our members are genuinely interested in the use of in vitro testing for regulatory/safety testing or early decision-making in compound discovery and development. IVTIP members endorse “The 21st Century Toxicity Testing’’ strategy as the ultimate replacement of animal experimentation for regulatory/safety testing.

IVTIP members are supportive of the 3Rs: applying opportunities resulting in reduction of animal numbers or refinement of existing animal experiments contributing to the development of replacement strategies. They also endorse a 4th R: responsibility towards animals as well as towards the growing demand by society for better ways of assuring safety .

IVTIP pursues industrial applicability and acceptance

IVTIP promotes the implementation and acceptance of replacement strategies by industry and regulatory authorities through specific key activities:

(i) informing members about existing and approaching programmes, regulations
and directives concerning animal experimentation and 3Rs strategies;

(ii) informing the relevant institutions of the European Commission of industrial experiences with current initiatives and guidelines, and the needs within industry for replacement strategies;

(iii) assuring dissemination of progress and knowledge, and transfer of state-of-the-art technology with industrial applicability to IVTIP members;

(iv) representing the members at relevant organisationsin e.g. ECVAM(3), ESTAF(4) and EPAA(5) for driving the implementation and acceptance of 3Rs approaches for regulatory/safety testing.

(3) European Center for Validation (ECVAM), (4) ECVAM Stakeholder Forum, (5) European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Experimentation

IVTIP membership

Companies sharing our interests are invited to apply for membership. The annual membership fee is € 907,50 for small enterprises, € 1.815 for medium-sized enterprises and € 3.630 for large enterprises.

IVTIP is your informal forum for networking

IVTIP organizes annually two meetings covering issues selected by the IVTIP members. These informal discussion forums enable ample opportunity to network, discuss and ask questions.
Given the diversity among the members, general and specific expertise and guidance can be sought and found from various scientific angles opening up possibilities for new opportunities.

IVTIP makes your voice heard

IVTIP meetings are dedicated to concerns of IVTIP members. These concerns are discussed and the collective IVTIP viewpoint is presented by IVTIP representatives to relevant institutions of the European Commission (e.g. ECVAM, ESTAF, EPAA) and regulatory authorities.
IVTIP regularly publishes peer-reviewed papers expressing the opinion of the IVTIP members about selected topics.
The IVTIP website allows you to promote new developments in the area of in vitro testing.

IVTIP is your source of relevant information

The IVTIP website gives you access to relevant information and linksMinutes, presentations and posters of past meetings can be downloaded from the Secure Area of this website. The Secure Area is divided into a part for members only and a part for non-members who participated in IVTIP meetings.